"Audiora" is a simple private unserious rock radio station. It was created by ordinary Audioran aliens from the galaxy Muson. Flying over the cuckoo's nest, in a standard flight for the purpose of exploring the planet Earth, the Audiorans heard an incredible sound in it's horror, which was extremely similar to the wailing of a pregnant Shmanul from the planet Srakopyan.

Since this planet has long been closed to visitors, and most importantly - the departure of local residents from it, because it threatened all the galaxies with the spread of the idiotic virus, the Audiorans decided to immediately engage to battle - because the escape of Shmanul could threaten a huge number of people on the planet Earth.

Luckily it was not infected Shmanul, only the performance of some of the rappers coming from the receiver. However, the Audiorans decided not to leave the planet Earth and help it by starting a really good radio with great music.

Audiorans have long been engaged on their planets in the development of such a beautiful art as music and have reached a generally recognized in 367 galaxies skill in the genre, which on Earth is called rock music. This radio will be the first step in uniting earthlings with intelligent inhabitants of the galaxies.


Listening on the site:

Our site has a floating player at the bottom of the page - you can listen the radio station using it, by opening our site on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or even smart TV. On any device that has an Internet connection and any browser, just open our site - the main thing is to remember the short and beautiful address of the radio site:

Listening on a computer:

To listen a radio station in your local player (for example, "WinAmp", "AIMP", or any other) on your computer or other devices, open the link to the channel stream in the player: or a link to the channel's playlist: - different players like different links (Your player will definitely like some of them).

Listening in apps:

Our radio is not currently available on mobile apps, but this will change soon. Please wait a bit. If You use any app, let us know its name - we will try to solve the issue of adding our radio there.